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Join us as we decarbonize heavy industry and take on climate change.

How it Works:

Step 3

Spent Fuel Packs are unloaded from the vessel, sent to a Found Energy production facility, then restocked with aluminum waste.

Step 2

Our Fuel Packs are installed onto a vessel and generate clean hydrogen to power the journey.

Step 1

We acquire low-quality aluminum scrap as input for our modular Fuel Packs.

Oil Refinery

Found Energy turns aluminum into a low-carbon energy carrier that can actually compete with fossil fuels on both cost and energy density, but without the environmental damage.

Innovation in renewable energy production and short-term energy storage is accelerating, but renewable energy transportation is often overlooked.


Fortunately, oil refineries, coal plants, and other polluters are slowly being replaced by renewables like solar and wind as they become more efficient.

Storage & Transport

Current green energy storage technologies (i.e. batteries, liquid hydrogen) have been crucial in minimizing our reliance on fossil fuels, but due to their low energy density, their applications are limited to small transport vehicles and stationary consumers like the electrical grid.

Many industries, like shipping, have been unable to take advantage of any green energy storage solution due to constraints like weight, volume, and safety.

There have been innovations in both energy production and storage, but energy transport is still a major barrier to ending our dependence on fossil fuels.


Oil fields and coal mines are being replaced by renewable energy resources like solar and wind farms as they become more efficient and more cost-effective.


Energy storage technologies like electrochemical and thermal batteries are critical for this transition, but due to their low energy density, their use is limited to short-distance transportation and stationary applications (e.g. home and grid storage).


Many potential energy markets are currently left out of the renewable energy transition due to a technology gap in energy transportation - existing storage solutions fail to compete with fossil fuels on energy density, cost, and safety.


Found Energy makes hydrogen safe and easy to transport via modular fuel packs that deliver high-purity hydrogen on demand, as well as direct process heat, all at adjustable flow rates, pressures, and temperatures. All you have to do is add water.

At the heart of Found Energy’s fuel pack technology is a breakthrough process for extracting energy from metallic aluminum via rapid corrosion (rusting) in water. Found has demonstrated this technology at 50 kW (thermal), and its first commercial product is targeting 1 - 10 MW.

Each Pack Features:

We service modular fuel packs for carriers at leading terminals around the world. Containerized systems utilize existing port infrastructure.

⬥ Plug-and-play form factor

⬥ 115 MWh of on-demand hydrogen production

⬥ 105 MWh of steam production

⬥ Offsets 100 tons of carbon dioxide

Found Energy provides Fuel as a Service

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