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Empowering Communities through Locally-Sourced, Sustainable Solutions

Disaster Relief in the Dominican Republic

In 2022, we joined forces with USAID and local partners in the Dominican Republic to design and build an electricity and potable water co-generation device tailored for use in the aftermath of hurricanes and other natural disasters.

Our innovative device is powered by aluminum debris, a resource that is abundantly available in the wake of hurricanes. By harnessing the energy embodied in this material, we can simultaneously tackle two critical challenges: producing potable water and generating green electricity, two life-sustaining resources that are in critical short supply in these circumstances. This solution not only provides clean water for those affected by the disaster but also ensures a sustainable energy source to power essential infrastructure and support recovery efforts.

Our Commitment

At Found Energy, we are driven by a shared purpose: to make a positive impact and uplift communities in need. Our humanitarian aid initiatives go beyond short-term relief; we aim to foster long-term climate change resilience and self-sufficiency. By deploying our technologies and expertise, we are actively working towards a future where vulnerable communities can thrive, even in the face of climate change.

Found Energy believes first and foremost in securing a sustainable and equitable future for our planet, and a critical step to reaching this future is adapting to the effects of climate change.


Our approach to low-cost, carbon-free power for heavy industry also works for powering humanitarian aid for those with the most limited access to basic necessities like reliable electricity and clean water.

Join us in creating a sustainable and equitable future for our planet.
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