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Found Energy Receives USAID Grant

At Found Energy, our mission is to fight climate change by helping decarbonize heavy industry. While mitigating greenhouse gas emissions slows warming, it is also necessary to figure out how to adapt to a climate that has already warmed +1 degC above pre-industrial levels.

We are putting our technology to work on both fronts - late last year, USAID-backed MEDRC selected Found Energy as one of 3 companies to receive a Pathway Research Grant to innovate around family-scale desalination for drought- and natural disaster-stricken regions.

MEDRC’s Center Director said: “Cheap accessible and environmentally sustainable small scale desalination is a humanitarian game-changer. We are proud to work with USAID to deliver new innovative approaches to get clean, fresh water to off-grid, isolated and underdeveloped communities.”

We would like to thank MEDRC and USAID for giving us the opportunity to participate in such an important project, and stay tuned for more on how we’re using aluminum waste to power the generation of critical resources!


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