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Springwise: Modular ‘fuel’ packs transport energy by turning scrap aluminum into heat and hydrogen

Understanding Found Energy’s technology requires some concentration, but why is it important? In short, aluminium is abundant, safe-to-handle, and light, with twice the energy density of diesel and 10 times the energy density of liquid hydrogen. This means it can be used to ship large amounts of energy to where it is needed in relatively small tanks or containers. As a result, it could prove to be the clean energy transportation solution that is so essential for a de-carbonised economy. What is more, aluminium is already in use in large quantities all over the world. Found Energy is therefore tapping into an energy source that would exist anyway but that hasn’t been exploited until now. The potential applications for the technology are many, but it could make the biggest difference in hard-to-abate sectors like maritime shipping, long-haul trucking, and synthetic fertiliser production.


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